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Bulltech offers a range of laser marking machine options with different power levels and all common wavelengths. In addition to metals, the laser marking machine can process many other raw materials, such as synthetic materials, glass, silicon, ceramics and organic materials. To ensure that your needs are met, laser provides you with unique technical support.

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D-Mark I


1.Cost-effective choice, which can meet most of the static marking needs;

2.Max.300*300mm marking table, evenly arrange the hole positions, which is conve- nient to install and locate different workpieces;

3.Compact design, small footprint;

The universal wheel design at the bottom makes it easy to move, non-slip and wear-resistant.

Size:860mm*630mm*1500mm Machine Weight:120kg

Laser Option: Fiber Laser: 20W-100W

UV Laser: 3W-10W

D-Mark II


1.Adjustable X, Y, Z axis to meet various static marking requirements;

2.Max.300*300mm marking table,

3.Integrated smoke filter;

4.Modular design with strong product adaptability.

# Marble countertops can be customized according to requirements Size: 1100mm*800mm*1500mm
Machine weight: 300kg

Laser Option: Fiber Laser: 20W-100W

UV Laser: 3W-10W CO2 Laser: 40W-60W

D-Mark F


1.Automatic coding, serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic number skipping and other functions, suitable for efficient and accurate assembly line marking of metal, plastic and other materials;

2.Extensible I/0 interface, perfect connection with robots, assembly lines, plc and automation systems;

3.Modern design, a good match with modern production line and workshop;

4.Wheel design, portable, non-slip and wear-resistant. Size: 650mm*500mm*1500mm

Machine weight: 170kg

Laser Option: Fiber Laser: 20W-100W

D-Mark P


1.Portable design

2.Suitable for marking small objects, private customized marking;

3.Anodic oxidation and coloring process machine cover;

4.Small footprint, wide application scenarios, easily combined with multi-head work, and excellent performance.

Size: 500mm*600mm*720mm Machine weight: 46.5kg

Laser Option: Fiber Laser: 20W-50W
CO2 Laser: 40W

Technical Specification

Item  Specification
Vibrating mirror ZBTK
Electric control SIEMENS
Control System Power Mark
Range of frequency Depends on laser source
PW 1-2000ns(mopa)
Marking Speed Standard VM:1-4000mm/s High Speed VM:1-10000mm/s (Mark F)  Ultra high speed VM:1-15000mm/s (Mark F)
Marking Range 50mm*50mm—300mm*300mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power consumption 200-500W
Cooling Integrated air cooling

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