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Laser welding machine is widely used in automobile and parts, sheet metal processing, elevator, ship, aviation, military, agricultural machinery and other industries, not only to provide high quality laser welding equipment, but also to provide users with a complete set of perfect welding processing application solutions.

Laser welding machine of high degree of automation welding process is simple. The non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. Using the laser welding machine to process the workpiece can improve the work efficiency, the finished workpiece appearance is beautiful, the welding seam is small, the welding depth is big, the welding quality is high.

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Power: 500W/1000W/1500W/2000W

Make welding easier, weld line smooth and firm. High productivity, low heat input, small deformation, large penetration depth and good repeatability 3.Low energy consumption, maintenance free, high stability, long


  Components Specification
1 Machine Power 500W/1000W/1500W/2000W
2 Laser spec. 1070um
3 Cable length 10M – 15M
4 Welding speed 0~100 mm/s
5 Cooling Water cooling system
6 Working temperature 5-35 ℃
7 Working humidity < 70%
8 Welding thickness 0.5-3mm
9 Gap requirement ≤0.5mm
10 Electricity 220V-380V
11 Suitable material CS/SS/AL/Galvanized

Welding Capacity

Capacity Power SS CS Galvanized AL
500W 0.5-0.8mm 0.5-0.8mm 0.5-0.8mm 0.3-0.5mm
1000W 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-1.5mm 0.3-1.2mm
1500W 0.5-2.0mm 0.5-2.0mm 0.5-1.8mm 0.3-1.5mm
2000W 0.5-2.5mm 0.5-2.5mm 0.5-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm


Laser welding is mainly used in the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, common alloy steel, hot forging high alloy stee, nickel containing tool steel, copper alloy and extremely hard alloy materials


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